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It Doesn't Hit Until it Hits YOU!
by jaxie Sunday, Dec 1 2019, 11:27pm
international / prose / post

Sydney's five million insouciant, insular population has recently been woken to the real effects of climate change and increased bushfires, while it chokes on yet another toxic cloud of smoke but this time from the south, as the only direction no fires burn is the eastern seaboard – smoke from the north, south and west empty into the Sydney city basin and it affects everyone including pets; the beautiful harbour city is now one of the most polluted in the world, well done Oz State and Federal governments that have had decades to prepare for the effects of climate change and increased bush fires with controlled back burning policies and provisions/regulations for the elimination of accumulated fuel. And for those that imagine such controlled back burning kills flora and fauna, well wake to the fact that it kills far less than out of control bush fires that literally rage and travel scorched earth across the land.


Previous leaders like Tony Abbott refused to acknowledge the increased risk to the population from climate change and fires, after all the coal lobby calls the shots and politicians are bought by large industry concerns aren't they? What, you didn't know, well you know NOW!

Also noteworthy is how the privately owned Oz mass media, particularly the Murdoch press, is playing down the disastrous effects of the fires on city populations, 123 bushfires in the State of NSW alone, last count, and the consequent toxic smoke. No serious warnings about toxic smoke from governments whatsoever, only “smoke haze” in city weather reports, whereas emergency measures should have been broadcast instructing citizens to close windows and towel under doors so people can sleep in relatively clean air without coughing themselves awake with chests like lead in a state of panic from the toxic, deadly to the young and aged, smoke.

However, confronting reality is more powerful than media and the city population, notwithstanding those directly affected by the flames, are ALL suffering -- so people, a question: do you continue to believe Tony Abbott's conservative party deniers regarding climate change? If so, please remove yourselves from your air-conditioned environments, go outside and do some deep breathing exercises then try not to cough, you APATHETIC, gullible, suicidal, insular, Aussie clowns.

The old adage applies, 'it only happens when it happens to you,' especially to insular, 'lucky country' Australians, so tell me about government incompetence and corporate corrupters now, you dinky di, 'dyed in the wool,' Aussie sheep.

Prevention is better than belated cure and no Major preventative measures have been undertaken by the two major parties, they are too busy accepting 'donations' from corporate mining lobbies and the rest. You may also wish to look up the word 'democracy,' which is not by definition, unrepresentative, behind the scenes, minority corporate rule!

Now, what of the illegal, mass murdering wars Oz slavishly participates in with the criminal USA and UK? Perhaps a bomb or two in your houses might alert you to the fact that other INNOCENT people are suffering and that we have a responsibility to either not fight in these clearly illegal resource theft wars or dissuade those media-harnessed populations that do by exposing the corruption, rot and unbridled avarice in their governments, we have experience right here at home in the not so lucky country anymore. So either continue to choke physically from the toxic smoke or ideologically from all the bullshit you are fed about a wonderful life here with stagnant wages for average people while the wealth disparity gap has never been wider – yes, this has also happened to YOU, but you haven't been hit hard enough YET, however, be reality assured as bushfire smoke that it will!


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