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Disconnected Pentecostal dribbler Oz PM Morrison Forced to Speak on Bushfire Emergency
by reg Wednesday, Dec 11 2019, 9:19pm
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And note his PATHETIC comments.

FINALLY speaking to the media, insular PM Morrison says he “understands” bushfire emergency! Well, you dipstick runner from your primary responsibility to the nation and its people, over five million Sydneysiders, after weeks of inhaling toxic smoke and dangerous 2.5 particles, which have long term deleterious effects on health, also 'understand' the bushfire emergency but still NOT a WORD on policies for future mitigation, reduction and prevention from a clearly USELESS PM that CLEARLY AVOIDED the issue by attempting to shift focus to international criticism of his ABYSMAL performance in this crisis, after all it's all about him, NOT the nation and suffering population affected for weeks by poisonous air pollution.

Useless Oz PM Scott Morrison, 'what day is it?
Useless Oz PM Scott Morrison, 'what day is it?

Readers should note that 'understanding' is a passive word, spoken by a passive, bereft of know-how religious IDIOT, who probably thinks it's God's will that five million people in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, PAST TENSE, have been poisoned by his government's complete lack of appropriate response to climate change and increased bushfire activity, all previously warned for DECADES by Australia's government scientific research bodies and meteorological experts!

So what's new and what are YOU, as the elected leader of the nation, going to DO about it, Mr. Morrison? ACTION, not more verbiage is required; AUSTRALIA wants to know how YOU intend to deal with this catastrophic emergency beside “understanding” it, you useless, political, navel-gazing, CON ARTIST. Who are you trying to kid with your childish DISTRACTION and avoidance tricks?

Your political and PR consultants must be telling you that if you don't act soon in relation to future mitigation, prevention and reduction policies you'll be OUSTED quick smart, as a useless leader. And if you imagine God will save you then remain DISCONNECTED and see the result -- as a matter of fact, you are ALREADY DEAD politically, and speaking in tongues will not save you, you DIVORCED from REALITY IMBECILE, and Oz thought president Trump was the world's leading moron leader, well, you have just displaced idiot Trump as the most useless, DESTRUCTIVE and INCOMPETENT leader known to the Western world.

FAILING any constructive action from our leaders, responsible AWARE Oz citizens may offer some advice to our intellectually bereft, vacuum-brained politicians.

The RAAF must be re-shaped to also fight bushfires by developing removable apparatuses in its larger aircraft to fight fires with retardant and water bombing, the air force must adapt to the needs of the nation as conventional war is unlikely, though in an emergency the removable apparatuses should allow for immediate combat performance if required. BUSHFIRES now present as a major dangerous enemy of the nation and all Australian forces/resources must be involved.

Newly ignited (spotted) fires, increasing fire spotters in dense bushland and national parks is now an imperative during the fire season. Early fire detection and prevention is now a must, bushfires are easily spotted when they ignite and are easily bombed in inaccessible areas by the air-force BEFORE they become raging out-of-control disasters. Tower spotters must be increased during fire season to spot and send in the appropriate countermeasures, DOH!

Fuel reduction policies near populated areas has become a necessity and there are many ways to deal with this issue. Climate change has by definition changed the entire WORLD particularly Australia, however, asking a conservative government to see past its conservative arse seems to be a big ask, as Morrison continues to now PUBLICLY evade RESPONSIBILITY, see article below.

By contrast Australia should hearken back to how Whitlam dealt with the national emergency of cyclone TRACY, which flattened Darwin; immediate deployment of private and public sector utilities to remove most of the population and avoid calamity was undertaken by Whitlam, the ADF, Qantas and other major players were involved and Whitlam succeeded in preventing disease outbreaks and social chaos, as no food or fresh water was available, the city's infrastructure was damaged but quickly returned to function by the emergency crews that remained and were flown into the city.

Darwin was returned to essential function in no time due to Whitlam's IMMEDIATE ACTION in meeting his responsibility as national leader and protector of the Australian PEOPLE – now compare with today's USELESS Canberra politicians of both stripes, utterly bereft of constructive know-how or the ability to act immediately in the most appropriate way in emergency situations.

Years of career politicians in-fighting, challenging leaders and thinking only of their own careers have completely transformed Australian politics; today the nation is forced to tolerate mental lepers and no-accounts paid for doing NOTHING for the people and nation, who gives a shit about your religious freedom policy when they are choking to death, Oz is already one of the most religiously free and tolerant nations in the world. Oz politics today is a kindergarten of infantile self-seekers, nothing more, as is CLEARLY evident, isn't it Mr. USELESS, insular, Pentecostal dribbler, Morrison?

Indeed, it would take a miracle to save your position UNLESS you NOW DEAL DIRECTLY with the problems and emergencies the nation faces today and will face tomorrow.


Revealing Guardian article follows:

Morrison responds to fears over bushfires but rejects censure of climate policy
by Amy Remeikis

After weeks of criticism of his hands-off response, Australian PM says he accepts climate change link to extended bushfire season .

Scott Morrison has moved to reassure voters he understands the bushfires are a natural emergency and he accepts the link between climate change and an extended fire season, while dismissing international censure of his government’s climate policies as “not credible”.

After a substantial protest in Sydney on Wednesday and weeks of criticism over his hands-off response to the catastrophic fire emergency, Morrison said he had acknowledged “all year” the impact of climate change on Australia’s bushfire season.

But he continued to defend the government’s climate policy as being adequate and pleaded for the nation to “come together”.

“We will continue to work to reduce our emissions, as we should,” he said from Melbourne on Thursday.

“But what we cannot say, what no one can say, is those programs, of themselves, are in any way directly linked to any fire event. I know – because I’m a Sydneysider – and I know how unusual it is to see that haze across my city.

“And I know how distressing that has been, particularly for young people, who wouldn’t have seen that before.

“And so that is why I think it is important to have a sense of calm about these matters, and calm on the basis of information which says Australia is reducing our emissions, Australia is taking action, Australia is getting results. And it’s important that [at] a time like this of natural disasters, that Australians focus on coming together and not seeking to drive issues of conflict and issues that can separate Australians at a time when we all need each other.”

Australia has been criticised on the international stage for its emissions reduction policies, with a group of thinktanks ranking the nation the worst-performing country on climate change from a newly created list of 57. The re-elected Morrison government was singled out as a “regressive force” on the issue.

The prime minister “completely rejected” the report, saying he did not believe it to be “credible”.

Morrison spoke just hours after the emissions reduction minister, Angus Taylor, avoided speaking on Australia’s controversial plan to double-count Kyoto emissions reductions credits in its Paris reduction total, while attending a global climate summit in Madrid.

The move has been challenged as being against the spirit of the latest global climate agreement, and one in which Australia stands alone.

Morrison said Australia’s stance on the issue had been “mischaracterised” and was about trading credits with other nations.

“Australia is in the enviable position, unlike most countries, where we actually have exceeded on our targets,” he said.

The most recent emissions projections show Australia was on track to meet its 2030 target (a 26% reduction from 2005 levels) but only if it used carryover credits. Without the Kyoto credits, Australia will only reach a 16% cut.

Thousands of Sydneysiders rallied outside the city’s town hall on Wednesday to protest climate inaction in the midst of one of the worst air-quality crises to engulf Australia’s most famous city.

Earlier in the week, Morrison had been criticised for holding a press conference on the religious discrimination bill on a day the smoke haze was so bad in Sydney it rendered its harbour all but invisible. On Thursday, Morrison said he had remembered seeing hazes surround Sydney as a child.

“I do remember hazes from the past. I do remember Sydney being ringed by fire in my lifetime,” he said.

“I remember as a young fella being down at the beach and being all around as I looked out from the surf across the sand. I’ve seen it before. Maybe not quite the haze that I saw on Sydney harbour but we’ve seen terrible fires. I remember when I was kid, the Blue Mountains, the big fire back in the late ’70s … and those fires were horrific, absolutely horrific.”

Six people have died and more than 700 homes have been lost in fires that have burned through more than 2m hectares of land so far. Fire authorities have warned east-coast residents to prepare for more to come, with the traditional worst weeks of the fire season still ahead. Morrison said preparations were being made.

“As always, Australians must band together and we must focus on the effort that needs to be put in on the ground now, and that has my absolute focus and the focus of all the premiers leading states, that lead the response,” he said.

“… And we’ll work closely together. That’s [the] assurance I’m seeking to provide Australians.

“I know it is upsetting. I know it is concerning, and particularly when you’re living in a city which has a haze that some may never have seen before.

“But I want them to be assured the country is working together. Australia’s amazing volunteer resource is being drawn on, and heavily, but it is always overcome.

“Australians are overcomers and we’re unifiers.”
Copyright applies to external text.

[Meaningless, political rhetoric and dribble, all of it. Australia wants constructive policies NOT meaningless political dribble, Mr Morrison!

Please share this piece with ALL concerned Australian citizens, it's time we applied real pressure on our useless Canberra politicians.]

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