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"The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire" -- Robert A Heinlein

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Landslide Victory for Conservatives in UK
by james Friday, Dec 13 2019, 9:04pm
international / prose / post

Some myopic analysts that do not know their stuff are astounded by the margin Boris Johnson's conservatives won the UK general election, while those with a broader perspective see no surprise whatsoever.

A choice between radical change leftists and 'stable' status quo conservatives is no choice, as the fixed, steady as she goes, conservatives would win every time, but we must ask why people today are so averse to change even change for the better.

The key word here is 'change' as that implies the UNKNOWN, regardless of positive or negative directions. People today are faced with enough social change outside politics, leaps in technology, the subsequent loss of jobs, climate change impact, droughts and famines etc; so what do people crave in unsettled times? STABILITY, no change, and if conservatives are good at anything though both the left and right are hardly distinguishable today, offering and/or lying about safety and stability is a sure winner, notwithstanding that the masses soon regret their political choice after it becomes apparent that conservative leaders are hopelessly incompetent, but usually better liars/operators than leftist ideologues.

Such is the desperate need of the masses for STABILITY that they are willing to risk voting conservatives into power that promise (usually lie) about social stability and safety in every aspect of life, consequently any party that appears stable and offers more stability has a head start.

There is a very simple reason that conservatives are winning most elections across the western world today, and with the US election approaching the conservatives are SET to win again though probably without buffoon, walking disaster Trump at the helm, if victory is to be assured. The times do not favour radicals or reformers, people prefer and would rather the 'devil they know,' such is the degree of desperation and personal panic evident throughout the western world.

Historically a clear pattern is evident, ultra-right conservatives/fascists always defeat reformers and leftists in extremely troubling times and smart analysts and political consultants know it indeed, I would be receiving $1000/hour fees as a PR/political consultant today, however, retirement is retirement and I'm happy to offer various political parties a sure fire winning strategy for free, as the performance of today's consultants is abysmal, old formula's of lying, meaningless slogans and media distraction no longer hold the public's attention, notwithstanding the media is all about scrambling brains and dispersing/fragmenting attention so as to subvert any sense of a 'sure footing' in the population, do you now see why conservative media owners and political conservatives work hand in glove to maintain the social status quo? However, I must remain silent about the finer tools/skills of 'crowd management' in which area I specialise as that information is downright dangerous in the wrong hands.

Now, consider that 'free will' is a myth today as it is widely known that pressing the right emotional response and basic instinct buttons allows for almost total control of the masses, which average herd IQ hovers around 0 to 5, though at an individual level it may reach the American moron average of 80. Take note; masses and individuals are two distinctly different 'beasts' and I use the term beast intentionally as beasts are reflexive in behaviour and so are crowds, fight, flight, fear, desire, stampede etc. Those are some reasons why managing the masses is simplicity itself, and for those readers that have detected a somewhat cynical tone in this piece, you're not wrong, I lost the last vestiges of my faith in human nature when the masses failed to act after the orchestrated frauds and concerted lies of the illegal Iraq invasion were exposed to the world and met with hardly a reaction from the public, which seems to accept the most heinous mass murderers today as their leaders; indeed, the human race today on a 'behaviourists' scale measures less than some beasts of the field, so do not scoff at my cynicism.

In fact I should end it here as I have already revealed too much, inept and bereft of skill consultants are getting a free ticket to rip off tax payer funds from sitting governments, you hopeless drongos!

Though I would offer a final note to the people -- when you decide to cultivate a little courage and start thinking for yourselves again, others (specialists) may decide to assist you but you would be far better off doing it all yourselves, as only then would you be able to live in a tolerable and stable society not run by criminals, psychopaths and pathological liars.

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